Marie's Room is a short story exploration game about an unconventional friendship between two classmates. You play as Kelsey, remembering Marie's room as it was twenty years ago. But something’s off. What happened to Marie?

There was nothing I could do about the past. It was definite as hell.
— Kelsey, in Marie's Room

Kelsey has come back to a room packed up in boxes. She has one goal - get Marie’s journal. When she picks it up, the memories come back. Because twenty years ago Kelsey and Marie shared this room. They spent days in it working on projects, nights talking about boys, pizza and sparkly shoes. Dreaming about the future, planning their life. Until that ghastly night. When it was all shattered to pieces.

"All that happened later that night ... I'm not sure. Maybe I don't want to remember."

What happened to Marie and Kelsey twenty years ago? 

Search Marie's room and join Kelsey in her trip down memory lane. Open drawers, pick up objects. Learn what Kelsey remembers, read what Marie thought about it. As you puzzle the pieces together, you uncover the secrets of their friendship. 

"She asked me why I was so angry all the time. And I told her -- because it’s a dirty deal. It’s Russian roulette and utterly unfair. The cards I’d been dealt, any player would have passed. I chose to be angry instead. But Marie, my friend Marie, she got me a new deck. And suggested that I deal again." - Kelsey

What people say:

Oh, that was good!
That took a way different twist than I thought it was going to!
I didn’t realize I was so into it, until ... NOW!
— Jacksepticeye
By the time the story was told, and I was walking back along that opening hallway once more, there was a really superb sense of having been somewhere, known some people, understood another’s tale, despite the short length.
— Rock Paper Shotgun
It’s short, sweet, and has left me thinking about its choices for long past the single sitting it asked of me.
— Kotaku